Information for professionals working with HD and JHD

HD Awareness Week

How the HDA supports healthcare professionals

The HDA supports people with Huntington’s disease, their friends and family and also the professionals who work with them. Anyone can self refer to the HDA by contacting Head Office or their local Specialist HD Adviser. You do not have to be a member of the HDA to receive our services.

HD Conference 2009

The Specialist HD Advisers can:

  • offer information and advice on Huntington’s disease, and suggest relevant literature
  • identify suitable respite breaks, residential care facilities and other services such as specialist clinics and day centres
  • provide training sessions for service providers such as social services, nursing homes, and residential care staff teams

The HDA also has a specialist Juvenile HD Care Adviser who can give advice on the rarer young-onset HD. For further information please see our Juvenile HD pages.

Resources for professionals

Useful information from other sections

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