Mental health

HDA Information

Many people with HD will require support from the mental health team at some stage. If your mental health team / professionals has not worked with someone with HD before you may wish to advise them that a comprehensive guide is available (mental illness and capacity in HD) in the factsheets section of this website and point them to the professionals section of this website.

Counselling Directory

Web: Tel: 0844 8030 240

Allows you to search for a counsellor or psychotherapist.

Depression Alliance

Web: Tel: 0845 123 2320 (answer phone)

Provide information and support services to those who are affected by depression via publications, supporter services and a network of self-help groups.

Mental Health Care


Information for family members and friends of people who have psychosis


Web: Tel: 0300 123 3393

A wide range of information on mental health, and where to get help is available on the website and via their infoline. They also provide legal information and general advice on mental health related law. MIND have a wide range of local services and you can search the directory on the website.



Work to help people affected by severe mental illness


Web: Tel: SANEline 0300 304 7000

Provides help and information to people experiencing mental health problems, their families and carers.

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