HDA Information

The HDA produce a factsheet ‘Huntington’s Disease and Diet’ available from our factsheets page.

HDA Support

Many people with HD require support from a Dietician, your Specialist HD Adviser can advise you how to make contact with one in your area.

If your Dietician has not worked with someone with HD before you may wish to advise them that there are guidelines available for them, available in the professionals section of this website.

Meals on Wheels

Web: meals at home

Your council or other local organisations may provide meals delivered to your home if you are eligible. This website allows you to search for a local provider.

Wiltshire Farm Foods

Web: Tel: 0800 077 3100

Ready meal delivery service, delivering our delicious range of frozen ready meals and desserts across the UK. Ordering is easy, food delivery is included in the price - looks like you can have one off meals and don’t have to sign up to anything.

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