This peer support group has been formed to support anyone who has undergone a predictive test for Huntington’s disease and received a negative test result.

The group got its name from a young woman who had experienced predictive testing but sought more support following a negative test result. She touched our hearts and we wanted to reach out to others.

Helen James and Diana King, Specialist Huntington’s Disease Advisers

The group aims to:

  • Address life’s challenges after receiving a negative test result such as stress, sleep, nutrition, well-being, mind set and gaining control
  • Look at goals you have in life
  • Discover ways to cope with what life throws at you
  • Offer a platform to listen, hear and understand
  • Enable you to talk freely in a safe environment


Kim’s friends is a peer support group secret Facebook group where you can talk openly about what it was like for you having to go through predictive testing for Huntington’s, to mutually give and receive support.

The group is moderated by two Specialist Huntington’s Disease Advisers who can answer questions and ensure the safety of its members.

How to join

Contact either of the moderators: Helen James or Diana King

All we ask is that you provide us with just a little bit of background to your story and your journey so far.

We can then forward you a link that will enable you to join the secret Facebook page.

Download flyer

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