A magical new theatre adventure for children at Warwick Art Centre 2-3 February 2017

Eight-year-old Sophie embarks on an imaginary journey of discovery through roots, branches, cells and DNA to understand why the beloved tree at the bottom of her garden has suddenly become sick.

On the way, she encounters the winding chromosomes that give shape, life and character to Tree. She sets out on a mission to find a cure for Tree using only science and her imagination to help her.

Written and performed by Coventry-based Highly Sprung Performance Company, Tree is set in and around a rotating six-metre high tree with the characters using physical theatre, storytelling and aerial bungee ropes to create a spellbinding performance that will delight children of all ages.

Tree’s premiere is part of Highly Sprung’s project One Giant Leap Project that runs throughout Spring 2017 with six local primary schools. Exploring the science of human life through physical theatre, debate and investigation, One Giant Leap will result in a showcase of performance created by Highly Sprung and performed at Warwick Arts Centre on 28 April 2017 by 360 children from Coventry, Warwickshire and Staffordshire aged 7-9 years.

Highly Sprung co-directors Mark and Sarah Worth say:

“Storytelling is the perfect way to engage young children in the complex science around human life. We want children to get to grips with how life works, and doing so show how causes and cures can be found for diseases. The performance uncovers the magic of what is happening inside our bodies right now and how very special and unique each individual is. We hope Tree will inspire young minds, and potentially to future scientific careers.”

Tree has been developed in partnership with researchers, clinicians and neurologists at Warwick University and University College London.

Professor Kevin Moffat, Professorial Teaching Fellow, Life Sciences at Warwick University, worked with Highly Sprung on their understanding of genetics and helped the company develop dance ideas that would accurately communicate scientific concepts. Dr Ed Wild, a leading Consultant neurologist and researcher University College London and leading promoter of public engagement in science also advised the performance.

For more information please contact: Jill Hogan, jill@thisishogan.com on behalf of Highly Sprung 07801 748498

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