About the HDA Message Board

Who is it for?

The HDA Message Board is an online facility for people in the UK whose lives are affected by Huntington’s disease. It is a forum where people can share experiences and help each other cope with the challenges of life with HD.

The HDA Message Board is not a substitute for professional advice. You should consult your doctor, or other relevant professional, before making decisions that could affect you or others.

Who can use the message board?

Anyone (preferably UK-based) can join in and read the messages at any time, although if you want to reply you will need to register, and by doing so agree to abide by the HDA Message Board Terms & Conditions.

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Who manages the message board?

This is a “moderated” forum, and postings are reviewed on a regular basis by authorised members of the Huntington’s Disease Association. However, the HDA does not pre-check the content of messages before they are posted. It does not guarantee and makes no representation as to the accuracy or quality of the content of the posts. Any user who feels that a posted message is objectionable is encouraged to contact the HDA immediately by email.

Is it easy to register?

For important security reasons the registration process involves several stages. Once you have entered your details you will be sent a membership activation email. Follow the instructions in the email to complete the registration process. If you do not receive a membership activation email then check that your email address is valid - or check any spam filters you use to see if the activation email was classified as spam.

Privacy, usernames and content

Choose your username with care. Imagine the name appearing alongside your personal information. If you think you may be identified away from the board or by individuals within your family because of it, choose a username that is more random and less personal.

New Members & Approved Members

Once registered, you become a “New Member ”. This means:

  • Your first posts do not appear on the board until they are approved by HDA Moderators
  • You cannot edit your posts
  • You cannot create a signature or upload an avator
  • Your personal profile does not appear on the Members List
  • Your cannot send or read Private Messages

After 3 of your posts have been approved, you will be promoted and become an “Approved Member ”. This means:

  • All your posts appear on the board automatically without needing approval
  • You can edit a post for up to 4 hours after it has been posted
  • You can create your own signature and upload your own avator
  • Your personal profile appears on the Members List
  • You can send and read Private Messages

What are the terms and conditions?

The HDA Message Board is subject to Terms & Conditions to which you must agree before participating. Please check these from time to time, as the HDA reserves the right to modify them without notice. Your use of the forum signifies your personal agreement to abide by the HDA Message Board Terms & Conditions.

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