What treatment and help is available?

Currently there is no cure for the illness, but there are many ways to manage symptoms effectively.

Medication can be used to treat symptoms such as involuntary movements, depression and mood swings. Speech therapy can significantly improve speech and swallowing problems. A high calorie diet can prevent weight loss and improve symptoms such as involuntary movements and behavioural problems.

Social services in your local area can assist with practical issues such as appropriate adaptations to your home where necessary and they can also help with care at home or respite care. They can also assist with the provision of equipment if necessary.

A referral can be made through your local GP.

The Huntington’s Disease Association produces a full range of literature that looks at these problems in more detail. We also produce literature for professionals who are involved in care.

More information

The information contained on this page is available to download from our fact sheets page.

HDA fact sheets

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